• We are New Braunfels Historical Fencing Club

    A HEMA Alliance Affiliate focused on German Longsword

Swordfighting in New Braunfels


We study manuals written across a broad time period, some as early as the 1300s.


Our students engage in physical activity through warm-ups, drills, and coached sparring.


Preparing students for competitive events throughout the Southern Historical Fencing League.

What We Do

Members Learn Historical Swordsmanship

Our main focus of study is Joachim Meyer’s longsword, specifically from the Art of Combat.

His fechtbuch was published in 1570, and covers almost every weapon you’d encounter in the time period. Longsword, rapier, dussack, daggers, and polearms are all covered.

Members Compete

We encourage members to compete once they’ve met a level of competency. This allows them to grow and learn while they test their skills under a variety of rulesets and using different weapons.

We are part of the Southern Historical Fencing League (SHFL), which covers Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Members Build Comraderie

If you’re a member, we expect you to treat everyone with respect.

We come together for any number of reasons. From personal development to scratching a competitive itch. This does not excuse inappropriate behavior inside or outside the club.

Members Have Fun

At the end of the day, we get to swing swords around. That’s fun.

We’re here to enjoy ourselves and have fun. We’re not here to cut heads off or beat people into submission.

About the Instructors


  • Head Instructor
  • 10+ years experience with Modern Olympic Fencing
  • Head of competition team
  • HEMA Ratings Profile


  • Assistant Instructor
  • 4 years of historical fencing experience
  • Handles business/marketing for club
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